What’s been the best thing about coming out of lockdown?

Hands down for me it’s been having face to face meetings again. I recall the first face to face meeting I had after restrictions lifted and thinking in the meeting “well, this is a lot of chit chat and it’s not as efficient as video calls, “ but when I looked through the list of actions after the meeting I realised we had come up with more ideas and been much more creative in a face to face setting.

What are you looking forward to when more of the restrictions lift?

Being able to travel again. I love visiting new places and my work has taken me to some far-flung corners of the world. I love learning about how businesses are run in different countries and cultures so I am looking forward to getting back to doing some travelling.

What sectors should we keep an eye on in the coming year?

Social media, eCommerce, CRM, Social Commerce. The convergence of these areas is going to be very interesting and I am fortunate enough to work with some agencies in these fields and it’s fascinating to see the direction they are moving in, and the speed at which they need to adapt.

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