You can access Dustin’s presentation here.

Here are some of his key takeaways from the summit:

  1. The essence of trust: The recurring theme throughout the summit was the importance of forging genuine trust between publishers and consumers. There was a consensus on the significance of separating editorial from commercial pursuits. Above all, honesty and transparency emerged as the cornerstones.
  2. The rise of incrementality: Incrementality dominated many discussions and showcases. With #BuyNowPayLater and #ContentCreators at the forefront of affiliate partner incrementality, PartnerCentric, Inc. made waves with their unveiling of the Incrementality Index technology, captivating both established and emerging brands.
  3. #GenerativeAI’s disruption: The emergence of #GenerativeAI is revolutionizing content creation by offering unparalleled content volume and depth. While some publishers expressed concerns about its potential long-term implications, there was a steadfast belief in the irreplaceable value of human-crafted content.
  4. Amazon’s growing influence: The potential of Amazon in affiliate marketing is undeniable. A particularly enlightening panel was held at the Martech Record event, led by Michael McNerney. Innovations by Levanta, coupled with Amazon’s renewed commitment to its associate community, promise to provide brands with tools for unparalleled success. Notable insights were provided by both Ian Brodie and Douglas Mapes.

A whirlwind of innovative ideas and emerging tech. I’m excited to see how these will shape affiliate marketing in the future! 

If you have any questions, please email Dustin at or connect with him on LinkedIn.


Dustin Engel